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Exchange & Terminal Servers

We understand as your business grows, your needs change. We have solutions that will give you access to your emails and files anywhere. By using Microsoft Exchange which is one of the industry leading tools for small to large businesses, we can give you access to your emails, wherever you are, and as a bonus it has the ability to back up your email.

Any changes made on your laptop would then be synchronized thru the internet to the exchange server and then to your desktop. So when you receive an email on your phone or laptop, and delete or forward it, you then have those changes synchronized to your desktop pc. This means that you never receive and delete the same messages three times. A terminal server is extremely useful for a large company that uses MYOB or Quickbooks simultaneously or has a need for users to access it remotely. Instead of backing up and restoring the data file to MYOB on your laptop, you can log into the terminal server and access your data anywhere effortlessly.

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