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New Computer's & Rebuilds

Octane Computer Services has the resources to build new PC's with software at a very competitive rate. The parts are of top quality and extremely reliable. As each computer is built by hand and signed off by our experienced technician, you can be sure you are receiving a quality product.

All come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty, but as a special measure if one of the parts inside are to break down, we will replace the part with a new one, and then we will look after the warranties ourselves. This in turn gives you another 1 year on that replaced part. Therefore you never lose out. We have been building PC's since 2004. Most PC's show up their faults in the first 12 hour 'burn in' test in our workshop.

Our after sales support is second to none, we install a remote access client to your PC, which can be accessed by you reading out a client number and password that is random to a technician, so we can support you on simple little things that don't require a site visit.

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